How To Trigger New Heroic Events – Forsaken – Destiny 2

Ether Ritual Heroic Public Event

This is a difficult public event to find, but when you do, it’s simple to trigger the heroic version.

Eliminate a single Dredge Chieftan like you normally would. After he dies, multiple floating orbs of “Concentrated Ether” will appear in the sky. Kill all the floating orbs without letting them reach the middle.

Repeat for all 3 Dredge Chieftans and you will trigger the heroic event.

Cryo-Pod Heroic Public Event

This is the simplest heroic event of the three new events to trigger by far.

  • Complete the first two enemy waves, like normal
  • About 30 seconds after the large enemy emerges from the Cryo-Pod and the ground is covered in freezing gas, you can shoot the pods releasing gas on the sides of the Cryo-Pod. Do enough damage to the pods, and you will be able to grab an orb.
  • Throw enough orbs at the boss to freeze him in place, which will trigger the Heroic Event!

Rift Generator Heroic Public Event

The hardest Heroic to trigger by far.

  1. Initialize the Boot Sequence, like normal
  2. Keep the generator percent up, kill the Abominations that drop the orbs and return the orbs to the generator.
  3. Kill the 3 large black floating blights that spawn down in the water.
  4. After killing the 3 blights, you will be teleported to a new dimension where the Heroic Event will begin!


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