How To Solve The Override Frequency Cache Puzzles – Warmind DLC – Destiny 2

These odd floating tetrahedrons in Destiny 2’s new Warmind DLC “Require Override Frequency”, but what does that mean and how do you solve it?

Steps To Complete Override Frequency Sidequests

  1. Complete the Warmind campaign. I will not spoil anything here.
  2. Complete the two new sidequests Legacy Code and Nascent Dawn.
  3. Now complete the new quest called Nascent Dawn 1/5 (you will have to complete three patrols and a Lost Sector).
  4. Completing Nascent Dawn 1/5 earns you a Resonate Stem. You need to find 4 Resonate Stems and combine them in your inventory to craft an Override Frequency

How To Find Resonate Stems

Finding more Resonate Stems is pretty easy. On Mars, complete Adventures, Public Events, open chests, or kill high-value targets. All these activities will randomly drop 1-2 Resonate Stems


How To Find The Correct Override Frequency Node

After you craft the override frequency, hover over the item and look at the cryptic code in the description. The last words of the code are a clue to where you can find the correct node!

As you use the clue to search the map, the node will spout music, indicating you are getting close.


Our guide to finding all 44 Override Frequency Sleeper Nodes

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