All 19 Tomb Locations and Map – Assassin’s Creed Origins

Black Desert

  • Nomarch’s Tomb in the south
  • Seshem.eff Er Aat in the south


Desheret Desert

  • Seth-Ant Tomb in the south
  • Qeneb too Kah’Aiye in the south



  • Adorer of Thoth Tomb in the northwest
  • Tomb of Menkaure in the south
  • Tomb of Khafre in central Giza
  • Tomb of Khufu in north Giza
  • Eesfet Oon-m’Aa Poo in east Giza


Haueris Nome

  • Tomb of Amenemhat III in the west
  • Eeyoo Sekedoo Aat in the southest
  • Tomb of Smenkhkare in the southeast


Isolated Desert

  • Tomb of the Nomads in the northwest
  • Oun-mAa Niye Ressoot in the east
  • Golden Tomb in the east


Saqqara Nome

  • Tomb of Sneferu in the south
  • Tomb of Djoser in the north



  • Mountain of the Dead Tomb in the north west


Uab Nome

  • Tomb of the Cynic in West Uab Nome

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