All 45 Lost Memory Fragments / Data Node Locations – Warmind – Destiny 2

There are 45 data nodes scattered around Mars in the new Warmind expansion for Destiny 2!

To collect the node, you must shoot the glowing orb with the matching elemental weapon. OR if the memory is immune to all weapons (the dark red data nodes) you must find and throw a Valkyrie relic. These usually pop up during Public Events.

How To Find The Reward For 35 Lost Memories Found

After finding 35 memory fragments, head to the Core Teminus Lost Sector in Braytech Futurescapes. Inside the lost sector, in the first area with enemies is an odd chest you can interact with, pictured below.



Reward For Finding 35 Lost Memory Fragments

World Line Zero Exotic Sword!

  • Tesseract
    Press after sprinting for a short period to perform a Tesseract.
  • Tempered Edge
    Increased sword damage and ammo.
  • Infinite Guard
    Sword Guard has very high efficiency and balanced defense.
  • Assassin’s Blade
    Sword Kills boost movement speed and damage.
  • Tireless Blade
    Powered sword kills grant sword ammo.


Where To Find The Reward For 45 Lost Memories Found


Reward For 45 Lost Memories Found

The G-335 Anseris Overdive Exotic Sparrow!


Olympus Descent – 3 Lost Memory Fragments


Glacial Drift – 12 Lost Memory Fragments


Braytech Futuresafe – 10 Lost Memory Fragments


Aurora Reach 2 Lost Memory Fragments


Mindlab: Rasputin 4 Lost Memory Fragments

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the final Mindlab: Rasputin Memory Fragment, kill all the enemies along the way, above and below. There is a locked door that will not open unless ALL enemies on both floors have been killed.


Dynamo Approach 1 Lost Memory Fragments


Alton Dynamo 9 Lost Memory Fragments


Ma’adim Subterrane (Lost Sector) 2 Lost Memory Fragments


Core Teminus (Lost Sector) 2 Lost Memory Fragments

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