Can You Solve The Unsolvable Problem? Warmind – Destiny 2

After completing the main campaign of Warmind and some additional sidequests for Ana Bray, you will be given The Unsolvable Problem. Open your inventory to inspect it to get some more lore.


“This item may be safely discarded”! This item is strictly lore and has no “value” in game.

You can lead a machine to language, but you can’t make it think. Well, you can’t. But I can. My name is Ana bray. If you want to insult me, call me a neurolinguist.

Not that it isn’t a fine and noble profession, but neurolinguistics is about encoding language. I’m a psycholinguist. I study how language can lead to independent thought.

The computer we call Rasputin is the nexus of Sol system’s defense network. It can process data at superluminal speed. I can uplink to the thousands of warsats that keep humanity safe.

But we need more from it. We need it to think for itself. And that’s where I come in.

If Rasputin is to properly command our entire defense network, it has to learn a wide array of skills as it performs. Any wrench banger can build a machine designed to solve specific problems. 

But why conquer a task if there’s no insight to be had from the victory? Rasputin has to solve problems currently solvable only by humans. It has to form concepts and to self-improve without supervision.

To keep us safe, it’ll have to make decisions based on random intel we can’t possibly anticipate. The lives and safety of every sentient being in the system depend on me teaching it how to do this. So, you know, no pressure.

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