Do 30 Mini-Turbo Boosts In A Single Race – Challenge Guide – Mario Kart Tour


The easiest way to complete the challenge “Do 30 Mini-Turbo Boosts In A Single Race” in Mario Kart Tour is to:

  • Choose the race Yoshi Circuit in the Peach Cup (critical!) – this course has lots and lots of tight turns
  • Use your favorite racer (Yoshi is a great choice for the 3x item bonus)
  • Use a kart with a Mini-Turbo boost (Super Blooper, Gold Blooper, Badwagon, Blue Badwagon) – not critical but certainly nice to have
  • Use any glider
  • Change the speed to 50cc
  • Forget trying to get 1st place!

Throughout the race on Yoshi Circuit, with many turns ahead of you and a slower pace than the usual 150cc, you can easily focus on getting 30 turbo boosts and your bonus stars!




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