Hippodrome Chariot Racing Tips & Tricks – Assassin’s Creed Origins

The reward for completing every elite Hippodrome challenge is the legendary Roman Warhorse, the fastest horse in the game! You can sell this horse for 1000 gold as well and complete the final set of races repeatedly.

  1. You can draft other racers for a speed boost. Drafting also causes the boost to recharge faster! The boost bar will be blue when you are drafting and it is recharging faster than usual.
  2. If in first on a straightaway, use the boost sparingly. Only use boost while in first to avoid taking bash damage
  3. Passing on the inside at turns is the easiest way to pick up room and move up the ranks
  4. If knocked off, let go of the gas entirely and start jamming X as fast as possible
  5. Take the inside track as much as possible, even if that is not the most efficient racing line
  6. Power sliding – It’s better to oversteer into the apex than go out wide. Take no damage if you hit that corner
  7. Bashing and destroying opponents is a terrible way to win because you will take so much damage in the process. BUT there is an achievement for destroying an opponent. When they are outlined in white you can damage them.
  8. Not included in the video: at the start of the race, right when it says “GO,” hold down the gas and boost button for a few seconds of free boost.
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